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Wogau-Report on the European Security Strategy 2009

Freiburg Office:

Dr. Karl von Wogau
Kaiser-Joseph-Str. 284
D-79098 Freiburg im Breisgau
Tel: 0049-761-2180841
Fax: 0049-761-2180871
Email: info@wogau.de

Office Brussels:

Kangaroo Group
Rue Wiertz 11
B-1050 Brussels
Tel.: 0032-2-2806095
Fax: 0032-2-2800784


The Law Firm Friedrich Graf von Westphalen

We are committed, solution-oriented - and quick. That is the standard we demand of ourselves - for our clients. With more than 50 attorneys, accountants and tax advisers we think beyond fixed boundaries - intellectually and geographically. We have our roots in Germany, but at the same time we are networked globally. We assist our clients in every economic region of the world, working together with only the best local commercial law firms.

We cover every area of commercial law. Moreover, we do so at the highest professional level with a sensible, transparent relationship between price and performance. This is something that is appreciated equally by large international corporations and by small/medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). What distinguishes us from other commercial law firms? Our pronounced way of working in partnership with the client, advising from businessman to businessman, on equal terms, being creative when looking for solutions and our personal commitment to our clients' objectives.

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